Has Generation Z mutated?

My awareness radar and the topics I have been following carefully in recent years are Neuroplasticity (brain self-renewal ability) and cell renewal. Indeed, we miraculously transform our brains and cells in the areas we focus on and develop ourselves. We reprogram our brain and cells with learning, nutrition, spiritual and mental development, our instant psychological state, self-suggestions.

How many lives do we live for a lifetime against the background of our visible body and behavior? Leaving the answer to this question to the readers, let’s turn to the topic of mutation that COVID 19 may have caused on the Z generation.

Researchers, I believe, achieved a high level of insight from generation Z  to work – like a writer Evrim Kuran – when viewed from one generation to the concept of place field circularity in her book understanding the windows, confirmation that we are in a new socio-economic and cultural transformation needs in general and with these requirements to the priest archetype. It is stated that the generation Z generation may be a remedy.

Again, according to the information in the book, generation Z is structurally dominant, more open to dialogue, realistic, respectful and inclusive, loving visuality, ethical thinking, socially responsible and sustainable.

I love the striking fixation of the beloved Samra Samer, 13, in the book: “Harry Potter will not come. The job has fallen. ”

The COVID 19 virus, which has entered our lives as a subspecies of Coronavirus, which has been monitored in the scientific world for many years, and spreads from person to person, causes worldwide paradigm changes in social, cultural, economic and even philosophical sense. Others compare this period to the Black Swan, the harbinger of great changes.

The social isolation period caused by pandemic contributed to the development of the teaching and empathy characteristics of the ‘grandparents with their help in benefiting from the blessings of technology. Apart from this, it continues to create many interactions in the direction of transforming its current strong features. As a matter of fact, this period led to various effects in the Y, X and BB generations besides the Z generation. Still, it is estimated that the most impact is in the Z-generation, with the exception of forward-looking life philosophy changes in people over a certain age. Especially when I see that their parents are unemployed…

With the pandemic period, I think the strong characteristic features of the Z generation, which we call the symbol of ascension, have become more intense. They will now be able to take more action with greater sensitivity to socio-cultural events, greater environmental awareness and sustainability awareness, a more ethical approach and a passion for contributing to global transformation. The economic crisis experienced will also contribute to the generation Z to take initiative in order to maintain their future hopes.

It is possible for the Z generation to carry its features and potential, which are an important chance for the world, to higher levels, with radical changes in education and their feeding on the global ecosystem in every field. Since other generations do not have much chance to look at events through the eyes of Generation Z, it may be a promising start for them to respect Z’s perspective and to truly support them. When such an environment is provided, technological issues involving investments such as digital transformation, IoT, AI, robots, and mobile work opportunities, as well as management of ethical risks for artificial intelligence in the field of information technologies can be applied more easily and at an advanced level.

How the COVID 19 process had a hybrid effect on the characteristics of the Z generation; I wholeheartedly believe that generation Z, which embodies the reality of technology and the synthesis of humanism, creates a positive wave effect on the development of human history with the approach of how I can be more useful to the universe we are in. Maybe, perhaps because of this interaction, Generation Z will be referred to by another nomenclature that reminds of COVID 19 years later.

Bulent Hasanefendioglu

Head of Consultancy, TDG Global

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