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Although Technology management must be business-driven, only 8% of corporations implement business value metrics. What if you could bridge technology service to business performance to achieve radical improvement – reducing incidents by 60% and more, for example? Measuring the business efficiency of the complete process chain now becomes the priority. Technology performance is only relevant in terms of business contribution and process capability which is executed by Technology Development Group …

TDG rapidly expanded its presence in Turkey and other emerging markets, attracting talent and building up its local presence through the promise of long-term, transformational work.

Global Delivery Center

Workers in populous countries, such as India, were acquiring highly valued technical skills. New competitors appeared—Indian tech companies that could provide some services at a fraction of the cost of TDG. Industry experts warned that the Indian tech services companies—the Bangalore Tigers—would devour companies like TDG.

TDG decided to engage in this competitive battle on two fronts. First, it would reduce the cost and improve the quality of its service delivery.

Second, it would position itself in Turkey, not as a low-cost provider, but instead as a company that could draw on its capacity to create breakthrough technology and deeper client solutions.

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Didem Sarac

Executive Vice President, General Manager, Turkish Operations & Functions

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Kenan Agyel

Country Manager and Head of Germany, TDG Deutschland

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