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The “globally integrated enterprise” business model emerged from massive socioeconomic changes that were occurring throughout the world in the 1990s. A key factor was the emergence of the Internet and the laying of a global network of communications cable. Together, they made it possible for knowledge work to be performed anywhere in the world where skilled people could be found to do it…

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New technologies ease integration, make transformation smarter

Analytics, cloud computing and other capabilities have been critical to much of TDG’s global integration. For example, in manufacturing, deep analytics have enabled TDG to improve yields, detect problems and optimize performance across complex manufacturing processes.

Two other factors are facilitating global integration: flexible work arrangements and social media. About one-third of TDGers work from mobile locations, gaining flexibility in terms of location and hours—they can work side by side with clients for periods of time as needed and change their daily schedule to accommodate different time zones. Secondly, social media offers compelling new ways to collaborate…


Server optimization flow (light XML…) to reduce transfer time and local treatments by operators

Fast and responsive services for optimal user experience


Evolution of one interface or format does not impact operations

In-dependency of services and IS interfaces


Aggregating heterogeneous systems on one unique operational application

Proven architecture for the long term


Most evolutions are implemented on the server side (to avoid deployment of the services and application)

Quick Time To Market for all future evolution and all platforms


Monitor usage and traffic

Monitoring adapted to mobility

Logging & tracking

Integration of identification services and tracebility of transactions

Increase security and traceability

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