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Integrating ethic goals into TDG ‘ business model enables the Group to create value for all stakeholders

Ethics Challenge

Technology Development Group has built solid governance, using ethics and compliance as a strict liability to drive organization, business and  securing a sustainable supply chain.

Our responsibilities go beyond our own Company. We strive to embed our values in the relations with all of our employees, customers, partners and across our supply chain. We are enhancing our ethics program to minimize potential risks and maximize the positive impacts of our activities. Technology Development Group is also a world leader in implementing data protection principles, notably by ensuring the security of data. This allows us to be the trusted partner of our clients in their digital journey.

Technology Development Group is committed to align its operations and strategies with the ten universally principles defined by the United Nations Global Compact.

Technology Development Group aims for ethical excellence embracing its responsibility to follow the highest standards of ethics and be compliant in all the jurisdictions where the Group operates. We also expect our suppliers to comply with the strictest standards of ethical behavior following the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and to develop local economies.

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