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One Step Ahead …

Technology has changed and is continuing to change the entire landscape for local authorities and cities.

Today’s citizen is not only comfortable with technology, but views it as the simplest and most convenient way to interact with friends, retailers and service providers. This is translating into citizens expecting local governments and cities to provide more joined-up services available through any device.

This drive towards greater citizen involvement and personalisation is a  paradigm shift for the way that local authorities and cities interact with their cities, as well as being an opportunity for delivering efficiencies.

TDG designs and delivers a complete range of digital solutions that transform public sector services while renovating and reinforcing core systems to be more effective. Our data-driven services help local authorities and cities to make better informed and more timely decisions, and our seamless processes ensure security is built in at every level.

Connected Life…

Mobility & AI to connect human and devices. By making the protection of citizens  a number one priority, we strive to leave a livable world to future generations with the goal of sustainability in development.

Create your own network

Manage all your data

Connect to all parties

Enjoy living your life 

Process Evaluation

Identify which processes will benefit from immediate adoption. Use all data for better and lean flow.


Trace everything in details before living live. You’ll get your dreams by driving your processes and vehicles. Establish full Bridge unit, with dedicated analyst team.

Performance Management

Drive efficiency by maximizing the performance of business-critical applications. Reach your lean excellency.

Pilot and Proof

Establish meaningful and closely monitored business trials.

Ongoing Extension

Start for extraordinary future. Technology will accelerate itself and create a new world. Exploit growing knowledge base to spread benefit and return

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Didem Sarac

Executive Vice President, General Manager, Turkish Operations & Functions

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Kenan Agyel

Country Manager and Head of Germany, TDG Deutschland

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