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Identify your employees with health check technology

Secure your employees…

Organizations must ensure that only their intended employees, and not attackers, have access to enterprise. With large scale breaches and pervasive identification reuse across sites, a card alone is not sufficient to secure enterprises. Izzy , a new capability of the Identity Platform, allows organizations to use a second factor of authentication, when required, to verify the identity of employees. Identity verification is integrated with Cloud to provide a second authentication factor to users to access the buildings through Izzy.

And also, check your employee’s body temperature

Infrared thermal temperature measuring

Temperature display

Abnormal body temperature alarm

Binocular living detection

Mask recognition

Protection for low pressure water jets

Protection from dust ingress

Employee identification match

Integration to any back office system

Detailed historical reporting

Wall or vertical mounting, desktop or floor standing

By making the protection of our enterprises and employees a number one priority, Izzy strives to leave a livable business to future generations with the goal of sustainability in business environment.

Increased Productivity / Protection of Employee / Protection of Business

Over the past decades, the aim of improving the development life cycle and the quality of hardware and software products has led to automation… Now it is time to control your enterprise.

2GB Local Storage / 50-150cm Focus / Led and Infrared Light / Multiple Person Detection / Public or Private Cloud Deployment / Temperature Detection in 1 meter

Izzy has created automation strategy that encourages reuse, building a flexible solution to coordinate other products with various automated capabilities… just for you.

Since every organization is different, the best way to get started is to schedule a consultation with TDGers who can:

  • Answer initial questions and provide more background and details about Izzy
  • Suggest the best entry point to suit your business need
  • Share flexible pricing details and explore options based on your budget and time frame

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