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Data-driven decisions from supply chain through to customer experience

Thinking retail, growth is intelligence-lead and data-driven …

In the world of thinking retail, intelligence is everything.  Only those retailers that embrace digital transformation will shine. In customer relationships, instore and online, only data and AI can build enduring intimacy.

83% consumers are willing to share data for personalized experiences…

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Connect products, stores, life, … and People

In store, it’s going to be on-board intelligence and the internet-of-things that keep stocks optimized and promotions buzzing.

Right across the supply chain, it’s data and analysis that help fine tune efficiency and validate ethical behavior.

Retail intelligence and data-driven behaviors are all-pervasive, and we need to question how intelligence adds value to both customer experience and efficiency.  Evidence counts.

As we come to recognize the inherent value of our personal data, we will also come to appreciate the need to share it responsibly for both our personal wellbeing and for the common good. These shifts create new relationships between people and retail companies and this digital transformation drives the emergence of new business models. As a partner in digital transformation for retail, TDG will support you in the pursuit of new data-driven business models and the pursuit of deeper and more rewarding customer relationships.

Customer Experince

Barriers online and instore dissolve. Turn data into active value. How can you convert digital behavior into sales and loyalty? Process/IT alignment, vertical and horizontal Integration. Digital representation of real world in real-time. More intelligent in detail but easier to manage.

Business Reinvention

Geo-location, contextual advertising, open innovation, customer service extension – how are you exploiting digital in thinking retail?  Cross functional communities. Centers of operational excellence. All parties should be well trained for better understanding of our precious customers…

Operational Excellence

Intelligence must track and trace all products, from source to shelf and beyond. How will you set the standard for supply chain efficiency and transparency? Cyber physical systems. Remote access. Machine to machine, machine to people communication. Exploit effectiveness in life and retail.

Connected Products

Smart services. Communicating products, clothes for your shopping experience. Establish meaningful and closely monitored business trials. Products is always alive and ready for smart services.

Trust and Compliance

Trust is evidence-based. How best can your brand proclaim the quality of your processes, systems and behaviors? Global products, local variants. Make to individual. Real-time visibility. From capacity to capability.

Retail Products & Services

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