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Predictive Maintenance …

We are focusing to develop technology mainly by digital transformation. Industry 4.0 is comprehensive approach is also taking place within this transition. This is driven by solutions including Izzy – New Industry Move and is empowered by new technologies including Predictive Maintenance, Augmented Reality and our Proactive Data Scientists …

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Connect machines, processes, products, … and People

Massive change occurs inside the factory and the supply chain, as ever-more advanced robotics, data analytics and virtualized computing models gain momentum. As a partner, Technology Development Group has the automotive, the manufacturing and business technology knowledge needed for the digital transformation ahead.

Connected Applications

Process/IT alignment, vertical and horizontal Integration. Digital representation of real world in real-time. More intelligent in detail but easier to manage.

Connected People

Augmented operator. Knowledge worker. Cross functional communities. Centers of operational excellence. All parties should be well trained for better understanding.

Connected Machines

Cyber physical systems. Remote access. Machine to machine communication. Exploit effectiveness in production and process management.

Connected Products

Predictive maintenance. Smart services. Establish meaningful and closely monitored business trials. Products is always alive and ready for smart services.

Connected Enterprise

Global products, local variants. Make to individual. Real-time visibility. From capacity to capability.

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