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Document Processing and Operation

Having introduced its corporate content management solution, TDG analyzes the corporate content and needs of users to transform content into corporate information by:

Multi-layer (organizational, based on the document type or features, etc.) corporate content classification, Customized content filters (facets) for the identification of meta-data requirements and detailed search, Definitions of authority and clearance, Physical archive management and identification of which physical archive elements will be transferred into the electronic environment with what methods, Document-based workflow management
Classification by project subject and authority role, Creation of case and volume templates, Creation of corporate sharing environments (discussion platforms, surveys, and so on), Anticipated equipment requirements, Methods and conditions of integration with other systems, Informing and guiding them on their areas of activity, carrying out analyses, and reporting their results, Adopting an iterative method in corporate content consultancy and application, Analyzing the main requirements and adapting the test system accordingly to shape the corporate information system, working together with users and managers on this adaptation. Using any other methods preferred by customers.

Document Processing with RPA (Please watch the original video on :

Intelligent Data Capture

Classification, sorting, barcoding, scanning, qualification, and labeling of documents in the folders and files constitutes a whole covering all file and folder renewal processes.

The general steps are, Scoping, Application, Customer process, Centralized Archiving, Service Office Process, Working Principles, Personnel, Working Area, Planning. Reporting, Security, Risks and Immediate Action Scenarios

Exploit the Bridge to drive optimization in any business process – internal or client-facing.

Process Evaluation

Identify which processes will benefit from immediate adoption.


Establish full Bridge unit, with dedicated analyst team.

Performance Management

Drive efficiency by maximizing the performance of business-critical applications.

Pilot and Proof

Establish meaningful and closely monitored business trials.

Ongoing Extension

Exploit growing knowledge base to spread benefit and return

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