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Bringing innovation to our clients is at the heart of our strategy

In today’s fast-changing world, bringing innovation to our clients is at the heart of our strategy

Innovation has reached new heights on the corporate radar, driven by multiple revolutions that are all happening at the same time, reinforcing each other. Globalization is accelerating and becoming more complex in a world that is becoming flatter. Financiarization is augmenting business fluidity. Sustainability constraints are being exacerbated by demographic upheavals. And, above all, we are facing a Digital Revolution.

TDG experts – members of R&D Labs and Innovation Centers – apply their expertise right across the globe to help our clients reinvent their businesses for digital. Active collaboration with start-ups, universities and research institutes, clients and partners enhances their expertise and accelerates their innovation activities. Discover their ideas on our Innovation hub or meet them in person at an innovation workshop.

The key contributors central to our R&D activities are:

TDG University TDG Innovation CenterPirtlat Program

TDG is pioneering innovation in Mobility, IoT, Robot and SportsTech.