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Data-driven business goes into overdrive on connect and convergence

Digital transformation for innovation and sustained business advantage

Organizations and individuals are more connected than they have ever been. With that connectivity comes convergence and for telcos, once-isolated processes become enmeshed. It’s at this conjunction of connectivity and convergence that forward-thinking telcos concentrate their creativity: this is where the value lies.

As TDG with an unswerving focus on digital transformation, we’re ready to help you maximize that creativity.

We’re ready to help you exploit analytics, network virtualization and new digital workplaces in ways that enable deeper customer engagement and radically boost business innovation.

The future of sciences is the companies growing as the world around them shrinks. In telco, for example, data modelling and analysis which used to take years can now be completed in seconds while collaboration across scientific communities grows ever stronger. We are focusing to develop technology mainly by data science which is comprehensive approach is also taking place within this transition. This is driven by solutions including Sorosh – New Life Move and is empowered by new technologies including Network Analysis, Predictive Maintenance, and our Proactive Data Scientists …

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Connect machines, processes, products, … and People

Right across the telco sector, the need to turn data in life sciences to benefit is reshaping behavior: personalized service; custom line management; sampling massive data sets in telco-tech. Innovation is exciting and the ability to work collaboratively, creatively and responsibly with this digital shock wave will set the tone in telco for years to come.


As we come to recognize the inherent value of our personal data, we will also come to appreciate the need to share it responsibly for both our personal wellbeing and for the common good. These shifts create new relationships between people and telco companies and this digital transformation drives the emergence of new business models. As a partner in digital transformation for telco, TDG will support you in the pursuit of new data-driven business models and the pursuit of deeper and more rewarding customer relationships.

Connected Applications

Process/IT alignment, vertical and horizontal Integration. Digital representation of real world in real-time. More intelligent in detail but easier to manage.

Connected People

Predictive maintenance for humans. Cross functional communities. Centers of operational excellence. All parties should be well trained for better understanding of humanbeing.

Connected Machines

Cyber physical systems. Remote access. Machine to machine, machine to people communication. Exploit effectiveness in life and process management.

Connected Products

Smart services. Wearable devices, clothes for your health and life. Establish meaningful and closely monitored business trials. Products is always alive and ready for smart services.

Connected Enterprise

Global products, local variants. Make to individual. Real-time visibility. From capacity to capability.

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