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Companies are facing disruptive threats and asking how to respond

Respond to Disruptive Competition 

In every industry, leaders are being confronted with the decision of their lifetimes: how to respond to disruptive competitive threats and how to exploit the opportunities from applying exponential technologies to their business. Markets are being remade by platforms, creating disruptive opportunities to respond to changing customer expectations. Executives must make increasingly big and bold bets on how the future will unfold. The most successful companies unleash the power of market making platforms and establish a new strategy for creating value — fueled by data, taking advantage of exponential technologies at scale and leveraging the organization’s differentiating expertise and capabilities.

The Benefits

Focus on new revenue and market activation to address industry disruption.


Explore new ways to work using better insights and responsive operations.


Embrace constant business model innovation and create value ecosystems.

How We Help

We partner with you to co-create enterprise business strategies that harness the full power of exponential technologies. Our approach is agile, iterative and leverages the cutting-edge capabilities of TDG and our extensive ecosystem of partners. This allows you to test and refine critical assumptions and ensure that the strategy can be seamlessly scaled across the enterprise.

We begin by helping you assess and apply seven key elements that drive Digital Transformation including new business models. These elements of digital transformation rely on analytics and cognitive insights, building responsive operations and developing an innovative culture.

By applying the TDG methodology, we help you identify high value pilot opportunities and innovative experiences. This work can lead to projects ranging from digital strategy to proofs of concept to engagements focused on one of the seven drivers of digital transformation.

By embarking on a Digital Transformation journey with TDG, you can:

• Focus on new revenue streams and market activation.
• Reimagine how you engage with your environment, customers, employees and partners.
• Build new expertise through restless talent development and orchestrated ecosystems.


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