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Company culture

Our company culture is created every day by all of the self-motivated, committed professionals. Our core values  (Innovation, Excellence and Work Ethics) are important to us and expressed in the way we work with each other and with our clients.We are creating the most multicultural, multi-disciplined, diverse, sustainable and responsive work environments in the world. Open, informal, flexible communication sets the tone in our company. Solutions that can only come from teams bringing fresh ideas, different perspectives and individual beam.

Our clients know they can count on us not only to be versatile and inventive, but also to work continually to create a deeper understanding of their business.

TDG Statement

TDG commits to provide high performance to its stakeholders (customers, employees, community and shareholders) with high ethical and responsible company policies.

Technology Development Group will create value for our shareholders and customers when we have achieved a mutual  exchange between company goals and employee ambitions.

The success of our business is directly linked to the quality of our people. It is our top priority to ensure that our people have the right blend of skills and experience to meet the needs of our clients.

We continuously work to match personal aspirations with the needs of the business, supporting our people to drive their own careers. We have specific training programs in place in line with business need.

Proactive Innovator & Trusted Partner

There are no simple solutions in the world anymore- because there are so rarely simple problems. Just complex ones. And that’s where we thrive. We drive our vision of how to accelerate progress and deliver business results for our clients. We study all aspects of how people, technology and business intersect in any key market situation so that when we make recommendations, they are specific to each client.

We understand our customer’s business models and competitive pressures. We’re proud that our clients include banks – they speak for us.

Learning & Development

People are our most precious assets at Technology Development Group. Their expertise and skills provide our customers with first-class services. Expert service helps further the image of excellence of the Group and adds to the company’s competitiveness, customer satisfaction and profitability. It is therefore crucial that we offer our people every opportunity to keep their competencies at the highest possible levels.

We have a very strong focus on providing the broadest possible range of technical and personal development learning opportunities to help our people keep their skills.


Technology Development Group has a comprehensive eLearning program that has succeeded in maximizing the accessibility of training for employees, giving everyone the opportunity to excel within our community. Every employee has free access, with no management approval required, to a range of technical and IT courses, as well as business and management skills training. Courses can be taken online.

TDG University

TDG University, the company’s corporate university, with support of Sakarya University plays a central role in Technology Development Group’s global learning & development (L&D) efforts.


TDG recognizes that a diverse employee, partner & supplier base is integral to company profitability and strategic objectives–solidifying the connection between customer satisfaction and winning in the marketplace. TDG’s diversity program expands opportunities for minorities, women, LGBT+, veterans and service disabled veterans, and disabled persons.

Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing at work is Technology Development Group’s key program for the continuous improvement of our way of working all together, covering integration, communication, collaboration, digital support, development, engagement including social responsibility and ultimately employee satisfaction which leads also to better community.

Duygu explains her journey in TDG very well. Please watch the video to listen the life in TDG in her own words →

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We respect and reward achievement. Our compensation and benefits packages differ from position to position in accordance with preferences and legislation. Here are some of the kinds of benefits we offer around the world at present:

Flexible working hours

Many countries promote flexibility so our people can fine-tune the balance between work and the rest of their life.

Competitive benefits

We offer comprehensive pension and insurance packages with a range of other benefits offered locally.

Competitive base salary

We are continually monitoring and evaluating our salary structure in line with the industry standards to ensure we remain competitive in each of our countries.

Performance related pay

In many of our locations pay is based on performance.

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