Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

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Taking care of people and the planet whilst we take care of business

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Rethinking the way we live and work. Together, we believe we can take care of each other and the planet through making positive changes in business and society. The most advanced technologies are enablers of a more ethical and environmentally-friendly future. For example, major leaps in the way we deliver sport and training services to citizens can improve living standards whilst delivering efficiencies in service. Together we must strive for positive change.

TDG has built solid governance, using ethics and compliance as a strict liability to drive organization, business and  securing a sustainable supply chain, sustainable infrastructure and sustainable management policies.

Our responsibilities go beyond our own Company. We strive to embed our values in the relations with all of our employees, customers, partners, social environments and across our supply chain. We are enhancing our sustainability program to minimize potential risks and maximize the positive impacts of our activities. TDG is also a world leader in implementing donations, notably by ensuring the privacy of the people. This allows us to be the trusted partner of our social environment in their journey.

Our corporate responsibility and sustainability activities are being executed in different dimensions of life;

If you want to join our corporate responsibility activities, please Contact TDG .

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