Information society is for all of us

Science is for everyone

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Humanity is facing great uncertainty

Climate change threatens to drown cities and disrupt food supplies. A pandemic is taking lives and livelihoods. Economic growth widens inequalities. These are some of the urgent problems society is wrestling with, where science, guided by our values, is critical to our progress.

Rather than guessing at solutions—especially with so much at stake—we, as a society, need to implement scientific thinking at all scales—from our daily lives, to corporate innovation, to government policymaking.

While great progress has been made, there are great risks to our future.

Information society isn’t just for IT.


And it means updating our knowledge when the unexpected happens.

Science can’t dictate our values, but it can inform them. More importantly, it can help us act on them in the most effective ways. Science has lengthened our lives, brought countless conveniences, and inspired wonder at the unbounded complexity of nature.



We ask that you support the urgency of information society.

Thinking scientifically also means being aware of what others have already tried, and discovered. The reliance on and trust in scientific knowledge comes from science’s commitment to transparency in a way that allows any scientist to challenge any idea at any time. Decisions should be informed by data and evidence.

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