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Mobility and collaborative technologies profoundly change the way we work and consume. Leveraging Technology Development Group pioneer expertise, we help our customers not just providing a better service, but an entirely better consumer and workforce experience. For example,  Ecosh helps field force of our customers to execute their business transaction faster, more accurate and in a secure way …

Ecosh reduces the time it takes to respond to issues that were previously resolved by dispatching a technician to the employee’s device. This technology minimizes downtime, reduces cost of providing services, maximizes employee productivity and keeps clients happy…

The 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Work (Please watch the original video on :

50% of employees will be millennials in 2020. Are you ready?

The minute you unchained employees from their desks, you started a revolution. Motivation and productivity are now heavily influenced by the qualities of the digital workplace you provide.

Technology Development Group will help you balance freedom and control – creating an agile, secure and affordable digital workplace in which your employees can thrive.


Mobile-to-server optimization flow (light XML…) to reduce transfer time and local treatments by phone

Fast and responsive application for optimal user experience


Evolution of one interface or format does not impact mobile application

Independency of mobile applications and IS interfaces


Aggregating heterogeneous systems on one unique mobile application

Proven architecture for the long term


Most evolutions are implemented on the server side (to avoid deployment of the application)

Quick Time To Market for all future evolutions and all platforms


Monitor usage and traffic

Monitoring adapted to mobility

Logging & tracking

Integration of identification services and tracebility of transactions

Increase security and traceability

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