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Direct route to New Robotic Move and a clear profile of benefits

Manage your cost and talent’s intelligence … Izzy

Izzy’s goal: creating value from insight generated by connected assets throughout the product life cycle, manufacturing and supply chain. Interaction between machines, products, people, processes and enterprises triggers positive change at every level.

Now, you can unleash this formidable opportunity for competitiveness and growth. As a transformation partner, TDG reveals both the most direct route to New Industry Move and a clearly articulated profile of benefits…

70% of corporations fail to capture the benefits of Automation & Robotics due to a diffused focus on the strategy and implementation*

*KPMG Advice Worth Keeping “White-Collar Workers and Robotic move up the value chain”

Building blocks to enable the vision of smarter factories and supply chains

To stay in the race, you have to start fast. Robotic process automation (RPA) is non-invasive and lightning fast. You see value and make an immediate impact. Want to leap ahead of your competition? Start by giving your employees robots that help them throughout the day.

But what happens after you jumpstart? You need to be ready to deal with unexpected changes in the environment, new applications, process re-engineering, and collaboration. It was designed to deal with structured and ad-hoc work, orchestrating work between humans, robots, systems, and applications.

Robotic Process Automation (Please watch the original video on:

Connected Applications

Process/IT alignment, vertical and horizontal Integration Digital representation of the real world in real-time…

Connected Machines

Predictive Maintenance Smart Services for your production line, Ocean Vacuum Cleaners for your life

Connected Products

Cyber Physical Systems & Remote Access…

Connected People

Augmented Operator, Knowledge Worker, Cross functional communities, Centers of operational excellence…

Connected Enterprise

Global Products, local variants, Make to individual Real-time visibility, From Capacity to Capability…

Izzy - Life Protect

Public Life Protection

Protect Your People, Employee, Clients and Citizens with Health Check Robotic Technology

Pandemic protection for public…

Izzy’s Social Distancing Alert  System  uses existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras combined with computer vision to detect  if people are at a specific distance and adhere to  social distancing or not. Notifications and Alerts Interface is enabled when two or more than one person are found in close contact in the camera, an alarm alerts people standing in that area and notification is sent to administrator or guards who can ask people to maintain distance.

Izzy uses Artificial Intelligence Network to recognize if a user is not wearing a mask. The app can be connected to any existing or new IP cameras to detect people without a mask. If the camera captures an unrecognized face, a notification can be sent out to the administrator as well.

Temperature detection system measures body temperature by scanning people’s faces using Thermal Cameras.

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Izzy - Employee Identify

Healthy Employee

Secure and Identify Your Employees, Your Corporations, Your Profitabilty with Automated Health Check Features

Secure employee entry…

Organizations must ensure that only their intended employees, and not attackers, have access to enterprise. With large scale breaches and pervasive identification reuse across sites, a card alone is not sufficient to secure enterprises. Izzy , a new capability of the Identity Platform, allows organizations to use a second factor of authentication, when required, to verify the identity of employees. Identity verification is integrated with Cloud to provide a second authentication factor to users to access the buildings through Izzy.

And also, check your employee’s body temperature

Infrared thermal temperature measuring, Temperature display, Abnormal body temperature alarm, Binocular living detection, Mask recognition, Protection for low pressure water jets, Protection from dust ingress, Employee identification match, Integration to any back office system, …

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Since every organization is different, the best way to get started is to schedule a consultation with an TDGers who can:

  • Answer initial questions and provide more background and details about Izzy
  • Suggest the best entry point to suit your business need
  • Share flexible pricing details and explore options based on your budget and time frame

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