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Your Digital Transformation Partner

The digital journey is like a sport. They both demand determination, performance, reinvention and persistence. We can never do these alone. Every step towards progress is the result of constant challenge and collaboration. Every journey needs a partner. Technology Development Group  – Trusted partner for your Digital Journey…

TDG helps its clients to deliver innovation to their customers, reduce costs, and improve effectiveness by leveraging business technologies. Much more than just a product implementation, TDG Consulting’s comprehensive Digital Transformation solutions enable organisations to connect and collaborate both within and outside the organisation, much more effectively.

The Consulting practice together with the Digital services team supports clients on their digital transformation journey and has been able to provide industry specific solutions for both public and private sector clients.

TDG Consulting is an integral part of TDG and its role is to help CxOs to deliver measurable business value through the smart application of business technology.

Available e-books published by TDG Consulting

Effective Internal Control System Framework in 101 Questions   In this e-book, you will find information that cover the control function framework of the management. Control Function of Management, Internal Control Mechanisms and Internal Control System, Operational Risks, Information Technology Risks, COSO…

Cyber Security Management and Control Framework in 101 Questions    In this e-book, you will see wide range of methods and tools that will provide maximum level of information technologies and cyber security, with the administrative framework required for effective management of information security risks. We present the information that will create the safest and most effective systematic process against cyber threats. Information Security, Information Technologies Security, Cyber security

Triple Defense Line Model   The detailed answers for 59 questions covering the 3 Defense Line Model application framework, which has been accepted as a benchmark for the implementation of the enterprise by some international regulators and professional organizations, operational risks in…

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Country Manager and Head of Germany, TDG Deutschland

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