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If you are in Tech industry -Software, Hardware, Electronic or Content Provider- with TDG, You will be optimized for the connected scenario. TDG will help you to move your all applications to a new level. Imagine any connection let TDG realized with you by analyzing and using millions of related data. It is a unique application bundles that allows for an unprecedented level of scale, millions of messages and millions of connected devices in your products, in your factory, in your field, in your customer’s hand …

What is Sustainability – Please watch the original video on :

Sustainable Tech Organization …

Based on global standards, along with known principles of management, we can help you integrate you, company, employee, product and customers, so you can:

> Create your own network
> Manage all your data
> Connect to all parties
> Enjoy living by 

Process Evaluation

Identify which processes will benefit from immediate adoption. Use all data for better and lean flow.


Trace everything in details before living live. You’ll get your dreams by driving your processes and products. Establish full Bridge unit, with dedicated analyst team.

Performance Management

Drive efficiency by maximizing the performance of business-critical applications. Reach your lean excellency.

Pilot and Proof

Establish meaningful and closely monitored business trials.

Ongoing Extension

Start for extraordinary future. Technology will accelerate itself and create a new tech world. Exploit growing knowledge base to spread benefit and return

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Bulent Hasanefendioglu

Head of Consultancy, TDG Global

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