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Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

The four major items to protect against management risks;

Infrastructure Investments and Operation / Regular Operational Test / Insurance for Infrastructure / Back-up and Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

For the absolute data availability;

There must be at least 3 (three) copies of the data, and these copies must be stored up on 2 (two) different media, and then 1 (one) backup copy must be kept out of your organization.

TDG Managed Services cuts the cost with the backup infrastructure and eases the management. By combining and optimizing the existing backup operations, it provides tremendously performance, trustworthiness and flexibility in the backup medias of both open and host computer. TDG Managed Services is integrated into existing backup media seamlessly and protects your existing backup software investments and it offers more security in backup and restore process.

What are backup and disaster recovery?

There’s an important distinction between backup and disaster recovery. Backup is the process of making an extra copy (or multiple copies) of data. You back up data to protect it. You might need to restore backup data if you encounter an accidental deletion, cyber attack, database corruption, or problem with a software upgrade. Disaster recovery, on the other hand, refers to the plan and processes for quickly reestablishing access to applications, data, and IT resources after an outage. That plan might involve switching over to a redundant set of servers and storage systems until your primary data center is functional again. Some organizations mistake backup for disaster recovery. But as they may discover after a serious outage, simply having copies of data doesn’t mean you can keep your business running. To ensure business continuity, you need a robust, tested disaster recovery plan.

Data Protection with Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Protect critical business data and applications in a security-rich environment. Ensure data and application resiliency across the enterprise with a robust range of onsite, offsite and hybrid cloud-based data protection solutions.

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Business Continuity Advisory Services

Evaluate resilience risk posture and strategy to manage risks. Strengthen your capability to respond during crises and improve readiness. Enhance or establish an end-to-end enterprise resiliency program.

Business Continuity Consulting is mitigating risks in the hybrid multicloud

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Cyber Recovery Service

Mitigate the impact of cyber disruption with an orchestrated resilience approach. Enable rapid, simplified and reliable recovery of business-critical applications and data within minutes or seconds. Protect enterprise applications running in hybrid environments.

Cyber Resilience

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

TDG’s DRaaS enables simplified and reliable recovery of business-critical applications and data within your business needs. The service provides rapid failover and failback for your compute environments across physical, virtual, cloud and legacy layers. It also provides cloud landing zones for failover to help you achieve improved agility, flexibility and cost efficiency.

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