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Today’s banks need to streamline operations, while adding new digital components that improve performance and the customer experience. Learn more about Ecosh , tTesting or Proactive Banking Consultants 

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The finance industry is at a major crossroads due to the exponentially increasing threat of disruption and disintermediation from non-traditional competition- notable Fintech firms and new, more agile banks…

In addition, rapid innovations and advancements in technology are creating a “competitive cornerstone” supporting differentiation and sustaining profitable growth. Digital technology is enabling the delivery of superior customer experience and increase in operational efficiency.

Customer Experience

Combining analytics, customer profiling, and more to give customer an experience with their digital lifestyle.

Finance Reinvention

Creating new intelligent business models in the light of new services and business alliances.

Operational Excellence

More than 50% of finance tasks are ready for robotics. Izzy examines every process, resource and investment for driving out costs and boosting productivity.

Pilot and Proof

Establish meaningful and closely monitored business trials.

Trust and Compliance

Trust and security is the MOST important assets. You can work with TDG Cyber Security team to boost your reputation.

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Executive Vice President, General Manager, Turkish Operations & Functions

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Head of Consultancy, TDG Global

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Country Manager and Head of Germany, TDG Deutschland

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