"CO2 free since born" Initiative

Combat climate change

We support a sustainable world with our employees, partners, and customers since 2016

The subject is “Climate Change

Wildfire, Pandemic, Tsunami, Over-flood, Hurricane, Pollution, Earthquake…

The scientists tell us that we have a decade (almost 12 years) to reduce emissions or face the worst impacts of climate change in very near future. Many of those impacts have already arrived at our home. From the deadly wildfires, the severe flooding around the world, there is no denying that climate change is already disrupting our daily lives.

Ensuring sustainability will allow the Earth to continue to support life. We must return the world we are in the respect it deserves. We must fulfill our responsibility for decarbonization from every source in every field we use. Besides the other resources we use, our goal is to make our site “sustainable” that consumes the least energy.

Human is not against with the environment and the world

We have to accept we are living in one world regardless of the countries. It is time for the unification of nations to combat climate change.

We know that our time on the climate crisis is limited. To change this course, we are open to any innovative idea that is environmentally sensitive and will bring a solution to the climate problem. We are organizing the 2nd Coder in Action Digital Competition this year to find solutions to human-induced problems.

Our work in TDG and entrepreneurial mindset has given us a deep understanding and holistic perspective on developing technological solutions that solve human problems

Reforestation campaign* for less carbon in the atmosphere

Efficiency and clean energy are vital, but we also need to remove carbon that’s already in the air.  Nature provides a great solution – trees – but knowing where, when, and what to plant is critical to ensure planted trees thrive and have the desired effect of restoring lands and communities.

We must return to nature as much as we consume and achieve balance. Until now, we have planted more than 1500 trees for our partners, employees, and customers to contribute sustainable world together.

*If you want to donate a sapling, we can do it on behalf of you. Just go to BrowseEmAll pricing web page and make your purchase with 50% discount code, BrowseEmAll will donate “a sapling” on behalf of you to create a better world with reforestation. Your donation certificate will be e-mailed you later.

Our Ecosystem

Sustainable Partner Ecosystem

TDG brings a partner ecosystem built to deliver superior business value based on best in class sustainable technology. We work hand-in-hand with selected world-class organizations in software applications, infrastructure and consulting to strengthen our own unique portfolio in consulting, solutions and services. Leveraging the abilities of these industry leaders allows us to concentrate on our goal of adding growth to our customers’ businesses and the world’s sustainability level. 

Eco Friendly HR Program

We maintain and inform a carbon-free approach from our recruitment processes to employee training. Our company culture is created every day by all of the self-motivated, committed professionals. Our core values Innovation, Excellence and Work Ethics, are important to us and expressed in the way we work with each other, with our clients and with environment. We are creating the most multicultural, multi-disciplined, eco-friendly, diversesustainable and responsive work environments in the world. Open, informal, flexible communication sets the tone in our company. Solutions that can only come from teams bringing fresh ideas, different perspectives and individual beam.

Is your company sustainable enough?

The power of carbon free companies