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Sandboxed Web Browsers, Responsive Design, Mobile Simulator

The quality, speed and accuracy of testing underpins your ability to develop the great software you need to conduct your business with confidence. As sensors, phones, tablets and other smart devices increasingly impact operations and customer relationships, agile and highly-automated testing is a must. Technology Development Group offers a complete portfolio of testing services for your enterprise. Our expertise includes market-specific testing solutions & distributed delivery …

Automation Testing vs. Manual Testing (Please watch the original video on :

Over the past years, the aim of improving the development life cycle and the quality of hardware and software products has led to test automation.

One major challenge has been that each team has unique automation needs. These unique automation needs have led many teams to create their own automation solutions.

Most of these automation solutions neither create components that can be reused by other automation deployments, nor use any existing software to standardize and minimize their effort. This leads to duplication of work and the proliferation of non-standard products.


Standalone Web Browsers

Run IE 7 – 11, Edge all Firefox and Chrome versions as standalone browsers – test seamlessly on a single desktop locally without VMs or tunnels

Mobile Browser Emulators

Debug your site in iPhone, iPad and Android emulators with landscape/portrait toggles, developer tools and built-in video recording.

Responsive Design Screenshots

Ensure mobile-readiness with one-click RWD tests spanning as many devices and display resolutions as you like.

Built-in Video Recorder

Easily create video recordings of your tests. Need to demonstrate a bug step by step? Need to show what a site looks like on a mobile device? Now you can easily record a video of your screen session with a single click.

Automated Web Testing

Record and playback interface/functionality tests across multiple browsers without writing a single line of code.

TDG has created a test automation strategy that encourages reuse, building a flexible solution to coordinate other products with various automated test capabilities. You can try below twin tools for your browser testing…


Learn more about MultiBrowser or BrowseEmAll

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