The power of carbon free companies…

The power of carbon free companies …

After years of steps, 2021 will be the most important year for fighting back to climate change.

The scientists tell us that we have a decade (almost 12 years) to reduce emissions or face the worst impacts of climate change in very near future. Many of those impacts have already arrived at our home. From the deadly wildfires in Anatolia, the severe floodings around the world, there is no denying that climate change is already disrupting our daily lives. At the same time, support for climate action has never been stronger because of Gen-Z ’s solution-oriented mindset. Thanks to Gen Z’s stubbornness, the political support that increasingly crosses lines, Europe announced to become the first carbon neutral continent. Society is ever more unified against the threat. But it is not enough, Europe must convince other continents (other countries). Because the world’s climate is affected regardless of the continent location. We have to accept we are living in ONE WORLD regardless of the country and continents. This year is the time for unification of countries for combating climate change.

We are seeing promising technologies and policies that would bring carbon free energy. We now can imagine a carbon free electricity supply. But new technologies including better energy storage and the reduction of cost of natural energy sources by 50-60% over the past years are bringing to the carbon free energy closer to reality.

The usage of datacenter must be reduced in collaboration with AI. Tech industry has developed solutions that have reduced the amount of energy used to cool datacenters by 30-40% in years. This approach could be used by all buildings, including government, airports and malls to the same. And we need to convince crowds to use less datacenter of course. They have to understand and be convinced that the social media usage, chatting or video watching is creating climate change due to carbon emissions of datacenters.

Driven by this promising trends and tools, companies have made bigger sustainability commitments in shorter time frames. I hope that companies of all sizes join free electrical grid technologies. And they restructure their policies, procedures and workflow considering the climate change again. It is for sure, carbon free companies like TDG will get stronger due to awareness on climate change fight.

In addition to concrete and ambitious company commitments, the world also needs enabling policies and global frameworks ensure we are working towards the same goals. We know it’s possible, we have seen this kind of collaboration during the pandemic, it is a private sector work with governments to deliver personal protective equipment, medical devices and contact tracing apps needed to fight the virus. Stronger public private partnerships will be just as critical in finding climate change solutions.

Throughout the history, every humankind has faced with big challenges. Climate change is our generation’s most important challenge and in 2021 the world will take its biggest steps yet to meet it.

All the best

Batur Erdogan

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