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Engaging blockchained workforce

Enterprises across industries and around the world turn to TDG Blockchain Services, where we’ve helped create networks producing value and changing the way businesses work together.

With business and technical experts – leaders in building blockchain for business from the ground up – we’ll help you address the three most critical design points in bringing a blockchain for business network to life: governance, business value and technology.

Decentralized management of multi-actor confidence

Because of the growing interest for crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin, the underlying technology Blockchain has become a subject of interest that matters.

The potential benefits of the Blockchain, contrary to what is usually thought, are more than just financial: they extend into plenty of domains such as IoT, government, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, energy, supply chain, and education.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology is revolutionary and even considered as a disruptive innovation. It consists of a distributed digital ledger that cannot be corrupted: it can keep records of transactions – and not only financial ones. Blockchain and distributed ledgers bring decentralized trust, making possible for companies that do not particularly trust each other, but have common interests, to work together.

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Our foundation: outcome-driven network design

At TDG Blockchain Services, we use design-based principles that enable business transformation at the level of markets, industries and ecosystems.

The most challenging part about building a blockchain for business network is the business part itself. Learn more about TDG’s industry-leading approach to building business networks.

Governance Design

Who owns the network? Who owns the data? Our specialists help you design an operational model for members of your business network by providing fair, democratic, transparent and built-in benefits.

Business Value Design

How does the network make money? The design of your blockchain network business model will include appropriate monetization and incentives to stimulate collaboration between members and generate network effects.

Technology Design

How do blockchain’s benefits help people work smarter and better? We design human experiences to inspire mass adoption of new digital products and services, while assuring privacy, trust and security.

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