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Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing at work is Technology Development Group’s key program for the continuous improvement of our way of working all together, covering integration, communication, collaboration, digital support, development, engagement including social responsibility and ultimately employee satisfaction which leads also to better community.

Life at TDG 

Meet TDG’ers and their journey on TDG in their own words.

Duygu Bayram, Administrative Assistant

Duygu has a multidisciplinary role as administrative assistant, language instructor and the test team supporter of the company. 

“After starting here, I saw how sincerely TDG embraced its mission of a healthy innovation concept.”

Berkay Akbulut, Software Developer

Berkay is a software developer in product development and support team. 

“I love working at TDG because I think my ideas are valued here. Whenever I think of an idea, I share it with my managers and, I mostly get positive feedback from them with an approach “Ok, how can we do it?””

Burak Yesiltas, Software Test Engineer

Burak is a software test engineer, giving on-site support for customers. 

“TDG offers continuous support for our personal development. TDG is a company that values people and makes investments in people. “

Sajia Haidary, Senior Developer & Team Lead

Sajia is a team lead in product development and support team.

“The diversity, innovation, opportunity, scale, the environment of TDG makes it the place I love to work. In TDG, you get the opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and to do things you have never done before for professional and personal development.”

Ece Ercan, Human Resources Specialist

Ece is a HR Specialist, screening, recruiting, and training job applicants, and administering employee-benefit programs.

“TDG is a company that values the education of its employees and offers them opportunities. “

Mukremin Gokduman, Software Developer

Mukremin is a software developer in product development and support team. 

“TDG supports the team spirit, sharing, the discipline related to this, and the free implementation of our projects. “

Learning & Development

People are our most precious assets at Technology Development Group. Their expertise and skills provide our customers with first-class services. Expert service helps further the image of excellence of the Group and adds to the company’s competitiveness, customer satisfaction and profitability. It is therefore crucial that we offer our people every opportunity to keep their competencies at the highest possible levels.

We have a very strong focus on providing the broadest possible range of technical and personal development learning opportunities to help our people keep their skills.


Technology Development Group has a comprehensive eLearning program that has succeeded in maximizing the accessibility of training for employees, giving everyone the opportunity to excel within our community. Every employee has free access, with no management approval required, to a range of technical and IT courses, as well as business and management skills training. Courses can be taken online.

Some Activities

New Year Party

Coffee breaks, trekking activities,  parties and more…

Paralympic Arm Wrestling Medalist

Fazli Ayan, Istanbul TDGers, came in third place medal at 75 kg  Turkey Paralympic Arm Wrestling Tournament.

Teaming Training

Moving towards sustainability is not about achieving perfection. It is about teaming spirit.

Rafting Activity for Sustainable World

TDG organized a rafting event for Sustainable World in Düzce – Melen River.