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How can I apply to Pirtlat Program?

First, You need to fill the application form as detailed as possible. Please attach your cover letter and your project’s info in PDF format. You can apply anytime you want.

How will my application will be processed?

After your application, Pirtlat Board will evaluate your application and if you will get the approval, you will be notified by e-mail (pirtlat@td-grp.com). Please check your e-mail (and spam folder) regularly. If you are not notified positively you can understand your project was not approved.

What will happen after the approval of Pirtlat Board?

You will start to prepare project documents (presentation, project plan, cash flow etc) of your project. You will use TDG’s template for project documentation. Pirtlat Board will let you know your presentation date.  Your presentation will be in online environment. 

What will happen after my presentation?

After the completion of presentation, if your project is accepted and decided to invest, you will continue to process. You will start to contracting phase. 

How will be the intellectual property right of my project? Will we sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

You will have your project’s intellectual property rights until the Pirtlat Board decided to make an investment.  If Board decides to invest your project,  TDG and you will sign an NDA and other contractual documents. After the contract signature, intellectual property rights will be held by TDG.

What will happen after the contract signature?

Your project will be funded and you will start to work on your project based on your project plan and you will get your share of profit annually.  

How will be the profit sharing?

If your project will create a profit, you will get 50% of net income in cash of your project annually.  

I am not TDGers, can I apply to the program?

Yes, Pirtlat Program is an open program for inside and outside of TDG organization. You can apply for yourself or your team. Team may consist of TDGers and non-TDGers at the same time.

What is the evaluation criteria for winners?

Pirtlat Board will score your project as mainly supporting TDG’s values like Innovation (innovation & creativity level),  Excellence (code and documentation quality) and Work Ethics (alignment with corporate and community ethic rules). Also other additional  parameters are “Supporting Social Good”, “Sustainability Level”, “Has a Vision or not”, “Inspire the Community”, “Easy to Develop”,  “Easy to Use”, “Positive Disruption Level on Life”, “Positive Cash Flow”, ” Readiness to Real Life”.

Who will evaluate my project?  Who does the evaluation board consist of?

Pirtlat Board members are consists of EVPs,  General Managers, Country Heads and Chairman.

Is there any age limitation to join Pirtlat?

If you are under 18 years old you need to show your parents consent letter. 

Is there any limitation for Neurodiverse people?

There is no limit, Neurodiverse innovators are happily welcome. We are waiting for all Neurodiverse (autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder) people. Our Diversity Programs supports Neurodiverse people in TDG.

How will be the first project information document format?

There is no specific format. Depending on maturity of your project (or idea), you can write draft description and/or add some supportive graphs, drawings and quotations. If your project is approved, Pirtlat Board will share the templates for project documents (presentation, cash flow etc). 


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