Ways to Cope with Work Stress

Stress is one of the most critical factors affecting the physical and mental balance of people. Today, most of our ailments are caused by stress. One of the places where we experience the most stress are the workplaces. With the increase of work stress, people experience increases in psychosomatic symptoms such as fatigue, nervousness, headaches, trouble waking up, crying easily, disruption of sleep patterns, desire to be alone, anorexia, palpitations, gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, rheumatic pains. So I would like to go into how we can minimize and deal with stress in the workplace.

• Go to bed early in the evening and rest well. Good sleep quality is essential for coping with stress and concentration.

• In the morning, going to work ten minutes early from your work hour, reviewing and listing the things to be done for that day before the crowd starts can increase your motivation.

• Create a time each day where you can be alone, rest in silence, and think calmly.

• When you need relief, count to eight as you take a deep breath through your nose. Then count to sixteen while giving out the indoor air very slowly. Pay attention to the sound of your breath and feel your tension ease. Repeat this exercise ten times.

• Get something you can squeeze in your hand: Have a hand exercise device or tennis ball on your desk at your workplace and squeeze it when you are tense.

• Regular nutrition and sports will make you feel energetic in daily life and make you strong when dealing with problems.

•Place your favourite flower which you love the fragrance and the appearance most on your desk.

• Laughing is one of the most important weapons against stress. As someone who has tried this, I would recommend you to attend the “Laugh Workshops” for once.

• Have a hobby that you can do happily and fondly to get away from work stress.

“The key to winning is poise under stress.” – Paul Brown