Is Your Company Sustainable Enough?

Today, we are experiencing the adverse effects of the climate crisis more than ever. Companies have an important role in increasing environmental awareness and reducing carbon emissions.

It is very effective for the world that large companies tend to use environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources in all their processes. However, small changes in small companies will have significant effects.

Although seen as small changes in sight, they cause a high total carbon deficit, energy consumption, environmental pollution.  

To save energy, eliminating disposable cups and installing sensors are small changes yet, they are efficient. 

We are used to paper and pen but, taking our notes, contracts moreover all our written documents digitally can make a big difference for the environment.

It is crucial to raise the awareness of employees about sustainability and energy consumption. Sufficient use of water and energy resources they use in their homes will also be reflected in their office use. Educate them on finding sustainable solutions.

Replace the filter papers you use for coffees with reusable-cloth ones.

To avoid wasting water, go for environmentally friendly products in office water supplies.

Another remarkable change for reducing your carbon emissions will be to make your website use the least energy. The carbon impact of the web is largely caused by electricity use. Websites use electricity in data centres, telecoms networks and end user devices.

Websites may cause a high carbon deficit by their design, coding, or their hosting.  There are a couple of changes in those areas, for example, using images with low resolutions, switching your host with green hosting, and creating a user-friendly interface. These steps will be beneficial both for your website and the environment.

We must return to nature as much as we consume and achieve balance. Ensuring sustainability will allow the Earth to continue to support life.

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