Horasis Speech 2023

TDG and Horasis

Dear Horasis Participants,

I have many ideas. Some of them are implemented and used in our life. Some of them are not implemented and stayed in the idea folder.

After many years of experience what I learnt is if you have an idea and you want to make it happen. You need to find the customer first.

I will give two examples on this. First, I would like to talk about the story of Izzy Carrier. Izzy is an autonomous load, spare parts or device carrying robot or autonomous car in factories, warehouses or large-area facilities. When we started to talk about the idea of Izzy Carrier, I wrote the idea in the paper and presentation. how can we use it, where can we use it, how it probably works, what will be the estimate cost, price, how much value customer can get, as much as detail like business plan. And I started to share those with my friends, potential customers, and get their feedback, revise the plan share the information and get the feedback, update the plan, get feedback, so on so forth. At some point one customer candidate was interested more, they gave more feedback and we started to discuss more and shape the document together. And we signed a letter of intent to use the product if we create it.  And we started to develop product in reality. Now the prototype or project is in second phase, Izzy Carrier is being developed day by day.

There are lots of stories like that in my life. I strongly suggest all entrepreneurs and investors if you have an idea, you can use the path of idea à customer contract à prototype à and sell more to increase your success rate for your new startups.


I have also interested in society benefit projects for last 10 years. As you all know, the last 5-10 years were one of the worst years on record for natural disasters— governments, straining relief organizations, and overwhelming communities as they attempt to rebuild. In the wake of these global catastrophes, we as TDG decided to formalize Coder in Action Initiative to support, to brace new types of responders which are Coders, Software Developers, Technology Developers.

Coder in Action Initiative Program basically focusing on Earthquake, Wildfire, Pandemic, Tsunami, Over-flood, Hurricane, and Pollution. Since the subject of this Horasis Event is Earthquake, I would like to share one of the dramatic stories about Earthquake and Coder in Action.

In 2021, the subject of Coder in Action was Earthquake. Around 20 people or teams applied to Coder in Action Competition with their new ideas or projects related with Earthquake to support victims, to protect victims, to analyze data better, to create simulation etc. We selected 2 projects thru them. And the first one, the winner was Zelzele 1.0 .

Zelzele 1.0 was developed by İdris İbrahim Erten & Mustafa Karaoğlan who are students in Osmaniye University. As you may know, Osmaniye is one of the affected cities in February Earthquake in Türkiye. And 65% of the city was destroyed. İdris, our winner, was affected as well. Their apartment got injured and he lost some of the relatives and friends. And he had to move from the city. He moved to Istanbul first, then Bodrum, then Kayseri and after a while, he could not manage to live in other cities and had to return to his home city Osmaniye back and to return to the same house.

Zelzele 1.0 contains two separate devices containing receivers, transmitters, sensors and software. One is installed inside the apartment/building. Another one installed outside of the building. The inner device detects earthquakes and activates the system immediately and start to send data about inside of the building. Outside module is starting to send those data government agencies, earthquake centers, or Zelzele 1.0 HQ or rescue teams with radio transmission. These two modules continue to send and receive those data up to 48 hours depending on the battery life.

What data Zelzele 1.0 is providing to outside of the wreck

  • How strong the earthquake occurred.
  • How many seconds of earthquake is occurred.
  • The geolocation of the devices
  • How many live or death bodies under the wreck.
  • With a sensitive microphone, it records and sends all sounds in the building.
  • With powerful speakers rescue teams can send their voice to the victims under the building’s wreck.

After the Coder in Action achievement of Zelzele 1.0, he contacted with Turkish government agencies, and they continue to test and evaluate the project still but the project was somehow elevated and it is going to be used in life I hope.


Indeed, we can turn these earthquakes into an opportunity to create a more sustainable future. For example, all new buildings in Gaziantep can generate THEIR OWN ENERGY WITHOUT PLUG IN THE ELECTRICTY INFRASTRUCTURE. With just some changes in policies, laws and regulations, engineers can make this happen within 5-10 years. Same thing can be applied to Cars, Cars can generate THEIR OWN ENERGY WITHOUT PLUG IN THE ELECTRICTY INFRASTRUCTURE.

Governments have played an important role in driving society and create productive and healthy environment.  That’s why supporting projects like Zelzele 1.0 is very important for our society. I suggest all entrepreneurs use the government funds but not firsthand. Sometimes government funding may generate too many bureaucracies and take your energy to fulfilling the documents and forms rather than focusing your product. Instead, you can use private funds and when you reach some certain level you can apply to government funds.


Dear Horasis Attendees, TDG is not simply a technology company. We are a problem-solving company and an organizer of skills that bring together our colleagues, our clients, and our partners with a simple, proactive innovation.  I am proud of the progress we have made as a company and the results we have delivered. And I am especially proud of the TDGers who have made it possible in past years.  That inspiration comes from our belief in the fundamental promise of technology that when we apply innovation to real-world problems for both business and society.  We have learned over the last several years, the world needs to work together for society’s benefits. That is why the world needs TDG, today more than ever.

What I believe is, we all need to focus on investing in new startups, new projects, new technologies which will fight against these natural disasters like earthquakes, climate changes, energy efficiency, not consuming world resources to live. And, we have to convince political leaders to make stronger support, stronger policies for these movements to speed up the world recovery from this catastrophic environment.


I hope we leave joy, not pain, to future generations.

I hope we leave smiles, not tears, to future generations.

I hope we will all become wiser and live happily forever.

Thank you all


Batur Erdogan at Horasis Event 2023
Batur Erdogan at Horasis Event 2023