What “CO2 free since born” Initiative Means

What “CO2 free since born” Initiative means …

When we were founding TDG, one of the most discussed topics was “healthy technological development”. We meant healthy development for humankind, the environment, society, and the world.

From that date, TDG was managed with this principle, in every decision we made, we thought about the healthiness and effect of the decision on the environment. We structured HR policies with this mindset. We structured purchasing policies with this mindset. When we are delivering services and products, we noticed all delivery process supporting healthy development or not. Our partners are evaluated with sustainability metrics, etc., etc.

Last year we started to organize social good events as “Coder in Action”. In this competition event, we motivate the young generation coders to contribute to the social good. Last year’s theme was “Pandemic”, this year “Earthquake”, next year it will be “Climate Change”. It is a very effective event to make crowds start thinking about the world’s problems. And it creates solution. After the first-year competition, we continue to deal with one of the winners to make their idea real. I am sure the “Coder in Action” event is triggering lots of positive projects worldwide.

This year, we planted more than 100 pine trees for our employees, customers, and partners. Reforestation is one of the most important pillars of the “CO2 free since born” initiative. And we made a small contribution at the beginning. And we are brainstorming to use technology more and effective reforestation results. Our team will create a reliable and reusable project in the near future I am sure. I invite all NGOs and companies to contribute us for idea generation. You can contact us, I will appreciate in advance for your support. CO2 free target might be a utopia but all organization has to work to close this target. Or at least work for the carbon-neutral organization.

As you can see on our website, we positioned an ocean cleaner robot, called Doris with our partner IWRobotX. This is also one of the important examples of our partnering policies. I would like to call everyone, every company who is interested in environmental technologies please contact us, we will be happy to support you anytime.

In many parts of the world, renewable energy is now cheaper than its fossil fuel equivalent. The cost of solar panels has fallen more than 80 percent over the past decade, while the cost of batteries is one-seventh of what it was 10 years ago. The affordability of renewable energy has in turn prompted many governments to promise to cut their emissions. By one count, around two-thirds of the global economy is covered by some form of zero-emissions pledge.

I would like to thank Greta Thunberg, she triggered all of us to move to a zero-emission target worldwide. And I learned, she turned to 18 years old now. So, she can work with us. I would like to invite Greta Thunberg to join TDG on the advisory board as an example. She can manage our “CO2 free since born” Initiative very well I am sure.

The scientists tell us that we have a decade (almost 12 years) to reduce emissions or face the worst impacts of climate change in the very near future. Instead of trying to find a solution on Mars or in space, we have a bigger chance to solve the problem without leaving the world alone. I am sure world leaders are all reasonable persons, we will solve this problem together in any case.

All the best

Batur Erdogan

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