Technology Trends as We Enter 2022

Last day,  I dreamt of all of the computers, phones at the desks, and even desks has disappeared while I was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital.

With 5G-connected AR (Augmented Reality) glasses the personals have, all the registrations procedures, receiving the analysis results, communicating without requiring a phone, even ordering Turkish coffee without contacting a machine and, a robot serves it. Even though performing all the process of the patient over AR glasses who waiting for his surgery in the hospital room…

Meantime, my avatar tries the new season of Damat Tween Shop in the Metaverse with my VR glasses. Then he moves into another shop and buys a new swimsuit and, suddenly he finds himself on a yacht anchored in the ocean at Phuket. He immediately jumps into the water and swims…

I came into to physical world when the doctor’s assistant poked me with a smile! When I was coming to myself, I realized that I was making swim moves while other patients waiting in the room burst into laughs.

I am going to the doctor’s room; the doctor has fixed the chip issue in my brain by updating software with AR yesterday while I was at home. But there is still disconnection from time to time. So he wanted to see me physically as well. After a long visual examination, he diagnosed battery issues. Then they changed it with the new one.

None of them is a dream anymore!

I am very excited about the developments in Metaverse, AR, VR subjects for 2022. It seems that the developments that will touch our lives the most are here.

Apart from that, I think cyber security will become even more crucial in 2022. Companies must have strategies unique to themselves in this subject.

The virtualized world, the evolution of cloud technologies, increases the importance of blockchain technology and makes it one of the most basic indispensable in security.

As for robots, they will be much needed and appear in daily life with 2022.

They will become the toughest competitors of job candidates in the courier industry which creates the most employment worldwide currently.

We will be dealing with smarter and outnumber robots in the service sector includes banks.

I do not expect radical changes in the automotive sector in 2022, but I foresee that we will benefit from many different vehicles in ten years.

Again, within five years, smartphones will be one of those that will be exposed to disruptive technology. Education as well…

Still, I will be excited to follow AR, VR, and Metaverse developments.

Bulent Hasanefendioglu

Head of Consultancy, TDG Global

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