Write your symphony – Notes for CIO

The notes mentioned below are for all IT executives to maintain a reliable IT Governance in their entities.

In my opinion, the first essential responsibility of a CIO is to prepare the entity for effective reaction processes against distruptive technological developments. This kind of efforts have three dimensions:

1. Strategic (paralel with digital sustainability)
2. Business (paralel with digital risk management capacity)
3. Reputation (paralel with our digital position inside our business habitat)

The second essential responsibility of a CIO is to prepare/follow/revise all information related digital processes to have a reliable, secure, proactive and agile technological infrastructure.

The third one is relation capacity. IT includes relation management level with the Board, CEO, other executives, IT staff, other governance elements (like providers, consultants, regulators etc.).

The CIOs should have the answers of some potential questions of the Board and CEO like ‘what are their needs, what technology issues and related business risks concern them the most?

Finally, each IT executive should have significant answers on below questions:

❖ Is current technological organization of the entity having capacity to lead and respond to disruptive change ?
❖ Is the CIO satisfied with the periodic communications with the Board, CEO and other executives?
❖ Is the technological organization effective enough in supporting the changing needs of the business and monitoring digital operations?
❖ Does the user technology and HR adaptation efficient?
❖ Is the entity ready for cyber threats?
❖ Is the technological infrastructure covering legal terms?
❖ Is the entity IT governance having innovation basis relation with the internals/externals?
❖ Is the digital operations focused on excellent customer experience?

My Best Wishes

Bulent Hasanefendioglu

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