When Is Digitalization Beneficial?

With the Coronavirus epidemic that entered our lives last year, developments in the digital world have accelerated as 5-10 years. Throughout the pandemic, companies with reliable and developed technological infrastructure are one step ahead in subjects such as; business continuity, service quality, production activities, innovation, and remote work. In this way, they created a competitive advantage.

During this time, new business models for companies have come up. For example, the booming sales in the e-commerce sector have caused to decrease quality of distribution activities. The companies whose brand perception was negatively affected have engaged their distribution organizations. Big hotel chains transformed some empty hotels into nursing homes. Some airlines also forwarded their grounded planes to air cargo transportation.

Theatres, cinemas, museums, and libraries changed to digital media. While numbers of business travels are decreasing tragically, digital meeting platforms are living their golden age. Many people do not want to work in offices any longer also, do not yearn for business travel. They are moving away from cities. Moreover, they prefer to work remotely in a different location than their current office locations, even in another country.

While the stock value of mega technology companies is going to the ninth heaven, the company’s value, which can sell the car as much as one-tenth of their competitors can, can reach more than the total of its three producer competitors in the US.

Thanks to e-commerce, consumers begin to go for products and price options more consciously and, they prioritized investments related to their comfort take advantage of staying home. Many people, who never had ever not accessed the internet before, now almost have become internet addicts.

Technologies such as Cloud, IoT, Mobility, Blockchain, AR (Augmented Reality), and Artificial Intelligence are using at the highest levels. On the other hand, cyber-attacks have broken historical records…

The jewellery tradition continued as virtual at weddings that could not be held in our country for a while.

Manufacturing companies have made faster and more accurate decisions to use digital solutions for higher technology and production performance measurements.

We are now entering a new era! That is the Digital Age! There will be no turning back from here. Scenes, which we watch in science fiction movies and are part of our daily life come true one by one.

In this period, collective vision, leadership, key employees, learning and developing organization, compact digital solutions, and technological solutions related to the work are becoming essential.

Based on sustainability with the pandemic’s teachings, companies made decisions on technological infrastructure investments, decision processes, working environments, business usages, priorities, employed human resources, and advanced technology compliance. Thus, they entered the policy-making period faster and started to keep accord up.

Consequently, during the pandemic, digital technologies have proved their adequacy and gained a high reputation. People decide on the companies’ digital visions. Therefore, if the leaders develop themselves in digitalization and focus on the subject; they will reach advanced technologies easily and will play a central role in the high success of digital transformation projects.

Bulent Hasanefendioglu

Head of Consultancy, TDG Global

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