Technology Is Not Enough In The New Order!

In the new business order that we have entered with the epidemic, companies – benefiting greatly from the blessings of technology – are trying to establish a working system in a hybrid structure. In this order, it is aimed to adapt to the new conditions by establishing an optimal office-remote work balance and continuing the activities at a safe and quality level.

As more than a year has passed since the beginning of the epidemic, we can look at the companies and get an idea of ​​what is happening. According to our observations, successful practices as balance and harmony in business continuity stand out, especially in some of the large organizations. Such institutions, whose technological infrastructure is already above a certain level of development quickly adapted to the new situation and ensured business continuity. They also display outstanding performances that include a higher level of safety and quality day by day.

Many people working in such institutions also benefit from working remotely. Even for some, returning to the old order will not be a reason for preference but many employees do not seem satisfied with the current situation.

The organizations we have observed also strive to strengthen their technological infrastructures in this process. It seems that companies focus on advanced digital transformation processes with technological tools such as new investments, digital applications, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, mobility, augmented reality, cybersecurity, cloud, etc.

Yet something seems to be confused and forgotten: the importance of people.

Human resources, which some companies have ignored for years and thought to invest with “fake innovations”, are also regarded as poor relation. We think companies that do not position the human factor as the number one priority will not have many chances of success in the medium and long term. In our opinion, this is a very important top management mistake, in other words, it is a strategic mistake.

You are very excited about the interior decoration needs of your newly purchased home and imagine that you have an agreement with a famous architect; If we don’t have our thoughts about what to do, there is a high probability of disappointment. No matter how talented and competent the architect is, he can look at “your home” from his perspective. Therefore, we must first have the main idea of ​​what we want to do and this must be enriched with the architect’s point of view. Just allocating a generous budget and saying “I want a great house” will not be enough.

Going back to the issue of human and technology harmony, if the senior management of the company did not ensure that the projects that should be carried out with the strategic objectives of the company were designed with a realistic perspective, both within the framework of the corporate needs and the balanced harmony of the human resources and new technological tools, and most importantly, if they do not have a healthy main idea, the chance of success will be low even if the project is delivered to the experts.

Even if you buy a non-tailor made dress to use in your business life; The elegance, fabric, and sewing quality of this dress should meet your wishes, make you feel enthusiastic, safe and comfortable, and most importantly, it should be compatible with the standards of the habitat you are in so that it can contribute to your success!

Bulent Hasanefendioglu

Head of Consultancy, TDG Global

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