Technology is a Leadership Issue

Technology is not a technical issue…Technology is not a business issue…Technology is a leadership issue.

The Board Members including the CEO has to be proactively concentrated on technological issues of the entity. It should be one of the vital priorities of the leadership in the company to follow and creating realistic decisions on technology issues such as cyber security equipment, technological infrastructure, digital transformation, security processes, cloud options, catching talents etc.

The Board members should obtain assurance that executive management of the entity is capable of running the organization to achieve its objectives.

Technology is also not an issue to be left to only the CIO, CTO or the board member who specialized on technology. The involvement of the entire leadership team is required to provide a realistic decision on it. It is not sufficient to say that cyber risk is high, medium, or low. Or to advise staff to have high awareness on it.

The Board Members need to be able to figure out what is the right level of resources to allocate to the technological budget items.

In addition to this, they need to be sure about the right technological instruments those really fitting with their strategical business targets.

The Board need to learn more information to make strategic and tactical business decisions. For this reason, they should understand when is the best time to invest more on what kind of technological products and when it is right to take the risk.

Finally, the top management had better demand ethical and advanced technical support which is going to be presented by technical executives to feed them for taking healthy decisions to drive and also upgrade the entity.

Bulent Hasanefendioglu – Head of Consultancy

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