Interviews are turned to digital except handshake

Why does a company prefer to interview online?

There are many reasons why companies prefer online video interviews. At first, being ‘online’ eliminates geographical limits. The company can meet with many candidates that live abroad and in the same town. It is not necessary to issue of travel documents for the interview. That brings down the cost and save time. With video conferencing, human Resource Managers can have interview with more candidates in a little while. Also, if live video conferencing is vital for a company, it is tested therewithal that the candidate, who will be accepted for the job, are aware of it.

So, what should we pay attention in these interviews?

First, you should be sure about your technical controls before your internet video interview. And make sure again your internet connectivity, link speed and that your computer will not let you technically down. Make adjustment of sound and video. Having difficulty in video quality might cause being left half-finished the interview. In order to keep the wolves at bay, a pre-experience with a friend can be help you. You can test the image, light and sound definition, how you look.

Get online 5 minutes ago before the interview and wait to someone, who will call you. By the way, do not forget to add the person that you will be interviewing to the list. Thereby, you will prevent waste of time before the meeting.

The place that you choose in the video meeting is very important. Pick a quiet place. If you are at home, you should inform people that you share your house on that you have a video interview and say them to be silent. Get your pet out of the room, where the interview will be done. For the unexpected guest, you can take care of the doorbell. Like a face to face meet, you should also make sure about that your mobile phone is off and your home phone is unplugged.

Another point is that your room or the place in that will be meeting is tidy. You should watch out that you call meeting participants’ attention to yourself. A simple background and unspectacular factors provide that you make yourself conspicuous.

The still another issue is your dressing style. Wearing only shirt and ties for the interview means taking a great risk. Remember that you might need to stand up. So, you should put on a suit.

Perhaps the most difficult part of online conversations is to be able to look at the camera, not directly from the person you are interviewing.

When you look at the camera, you directly provide the eye-contact with interviewer. Otherwise you cannot provide the eye-contact. While meeting, do not use your hands to much. The fast hand movements may be seen as vibration on screen and this situation may distract interviewer. You can set your hand free.

You should keep your CV handy during the interview. You can also keep notes that you need to talk about around. In addition, water and notepaper are good to keep around. Otherwise, when you are obligated to take notes, you might have to stand up and look for a paper and pencil.

Good luck for everyone in their online interview.

With kind regards…

Mine Zafer