If you’re looking for a testing framework, why not Cucumber?

In recent years, more and more IT teams follow Agile methodology in their development process to adapt to the rapid changes of the market. This is also a challenge for the test team in managing test cases and test scripts which can be changed when the requirements are updated monthly.

I think the most important step of an Agile software project is to find the appropriate testing method. Because each company or team has different characteristics, strengths or weaknesses. Therefore, an analyst or testers who know the team well have a lot of responsibility. These responsible people should evaluate many options and measure their compatibility in order to find the appropriate test method or tool.
Many Agile teams have successfully applied Behavior Driven Development (or BDD) approach in testing process using the Cucumber tool. So, what is Cucumber? And why is it one of the good approaches in Agile projects, used together with BDD?
Cucumber is a tool for running automated acceptance tests written in a behavior driven development style. One of its wonderful main features is the ability to execute plain text functional description (written in language named Gherkin) as automated tests. Here is an example:

Feature: Update password
Scenario: Admin user can update user password
Given I am in the HR system with an Admin account
When I update password of another “user”
Then I receive a message for updating password successfully
And user’s password is updated to the new password

This great feature has played a primary role in supporting the BDD approach with the following advantages:
• It enables team members with technical knowledge and non-technical members to work together and builds a bridge between
• Writing BDD tests in Ubiquitous language, a language structured around the domain model and used by all team members including developers, testers, BAs, etc.
• Codes work in the background of simple sentences and programmers can easily intervene.
• Last but not least, Cucumber is an Automated Acceptance Test Tool which running tests written in a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) style.

If you want looking a new information about cucumber or selenium, you should look this website : https://selenium.academy/

Adem Fatih Bulut