How the Perfect Innovation Team Should Be?

Perfect Innovation Team

Let’s continue to be inspired…Mayo Clinic Innovation Center tries to construct specific personality combinations while building innovation teams*. They think this combination increases efficiency. These 9 personality types tried to be included in these teams are as follows;

1- Foresighted – The force behind creating the world as it could and should be

2-Producer – Generate the idea that initiates innovation

3-Repeater (Idea innovator) – Idea engineer who takes the original idea and turns it into innovation

4- Customer Anthropologist – Analyse the customer’s actual needs

5-Technology Guru – Controls technology to make innovation a reality

6- Producer – Champion of progress, master of ideas

7- Communicator – Enlarges and clarifies the idea in the minds of those outside the team

8- Unblocker – Breaks down the corporate, political and financial barriers with hammers (or velvet gloves)

9- Predictor – Predict and shape the economic and social value of the future of innovation

Isn’t there any digital business model immune system against disruptive  technologies yet? or unknown?

We are always with you for innovation.

My Best Wishes

Didem Saraç

* Innovation: Putting Ideas into Action 2009 (Best Practices Report) APQC, Houston, US

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