Home Office Tips to Work Efficiently

A few tips for those who need to work at home and want to work efficiently.

Draw your limits. First, designate a corner at home as a workplace and work in that corner every day. Tell the people at home that this is your working corner, they should stay away from here, not to disturb you while working.

Talk to your kids. The most difficult part is to explain the situation to the children. If your children are small, it will be difficult for them to understand that their parents’ work from home is something new for them too. Try to explain to your children that this is not a holiday, you have to work from home. In particular, inform them when talking on the phone, when making a teleconference, in such cases, explain that it is necessary to be silent. If your spouse works from home, do a division of labor, share the day between you.

Prepare yourself like to go to office. Many people perceive working at home as working with your pajamas, in your bed or watching television whenever you want. But if you want to work efficiently, get up early in the morning, take a shower, have breakfast, and dress up and go to work. If you have trouble concentrating, you can close yourself to a room and give it an office atmosphere.

Plan the day. Make your daily work plan. When will you start work? when will you take a break? When will you finish your job? Have you put your work in order? You must have a routine. This is very important for your productivity and mental health. You can always start by getting up at the same time and making a work plan.

Give yourself regular breaks. Give yourself regular breaks, just like at your workplace. For example, after working 1 hour, give yourself a 5-minute break. Meanwhile, you can stand up and make stretching movements. You can do sports movements in the workplace that we learned in latest training or you can take a tea/coffee break. It is useful to stay away from social media and news.

Don’t forget to give lunch break. Just as you are at the office, you can have lunch break while working at home, in this average hour, you can eat and socialize at home, play with your children or talk to your friends over the phone. What should not be done is watching TV, because it will be difficult for you to concentrate again.

Make sure your internet connection is OK. In order to work comfortably and efficiently from home, your internet connection must be strong. It is important that your computer is a corporate computer and antivirus programs are installed.

You can take a nap. For many years, many studies say that a short nap at noon is beneficial for human health and increases efficiency. This is not possible while in the office, may be possible while working at home. But it’s a 10-15-minute sleep at most.

Stay connected. Always keep in touch with your managers and colleagues. Your colleagues should always be able to communicate with you during working hours, so be constantly reachable and be at your job.

End the shift. When you are done with your work, shut down your computer and stop working, just like at the office. Thus, you will end up working from home, otherwise you can find yourself doing overtime and miss the end of the rope in work-private life balance.