Which Questions should CEO ask to CIO on Efficient IT Governance Assurance?

There is no leadership position has a greater impact on an organization’s success than the CEO of the business.

The results of Kaggle research participated by over 7000 data analysts showed us ‘not receiving clear questions by top management to answer for establishing the facts’ is among the first 4 problem they mentioned.

The CEO should start to establish an efficient IT Governance implementation with peer to peer concept. It will help to the top management leveraging the business model supported by technological instruments to catch the strategic targets of the organization. This function includes both risk & opportunity management and relations with governance habitat.

Now, let’s ask our questions to the CIO as CEO of the entity:

  • Are we mitigating the critical risks to an acceptable level? How do we know?
  • Are we technologically ready against cyber treats? How?
  • Are there potentially disruptive technologies at the industry level?
  • How is the correlation between our technology investments and competitiveness level?
  • Are our operations and business processes digitalized parallel with the industry?
  • Is our technical infrastructure highly presenting the instruments to enhance customer loyalty, improve our quality, reduce costs, timely operations, effective risk mitigation?
  • Does our technological infrastructure highly assure us on governance requirements?
  • Are we positioning us to catch the potential developments inside our ecosystem and to adapt them to our products/services?
  • How can we make our organization more agile?
  • What are the latest contributions of Big Data analysis on our business model?
  • How is our level on IoT? What can we do now, and which points we should improve?
  • What about the specific contribution level of our machine learning and AI?
  • How is our position at sniffing future technologies?
  • What technologies are critical to implementing our strategic targets?
  • How are we ensuring these technologies functioning effectively?
  • How is the economy level of our technological infrastructure performance comparing with the amount of the sources that we allocated for it?
  • How are the CIO organization and the business collaborating to ensure the return on?
  • Do we have reliable and timely information for agile decision-making?
  • Are we sure about the adaptation of technology with our HR?
  • Is this technology component performing effectively? How do we know?
  • Do you make revisions, corrections etc. at your activities parallel with the reports of Internal Audit department?
  • Finally, are you sure about your departments performance level to contribute the entity effectively, efficiently and economically on technology issues and data security?

We will revise the fundamental answers of these questions in second part of the article…!

My Best Wishes

Bulent Hasanefendioglu

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