R&D Team

TDG R&D Team

Meet our TDGers from R&D team. We asked them how it is like to work at Teknokent and how they having fun in their spare time.

“Working with teammates encourages people to work more, even though we work on different projects. We spend our breaks together with our teammates. When we go out to take air in Teknokent, we are happier with the perfect Sapanca view. We work with a young team from the same profession and, we are supporting each other in every subject.  Moreover, we have a chance to improve ourselves by talking about the IT sector with our friends working in different offices. Since Sakarya University Campus has a lush environment intertwined with nature, people are positively affected. I am glad to work with my teammates at Teknokent.” Şimal Ece Karakütük

“We kick the day off with a daily meeting led by the head of the team in which the task for the day is specified. By midday, we usually take our lunch and this is the time we mostly have some chit-chats. After that, we continue with our tasks. The best thing here at TDG is the staff’s readiness to help, in case one has a situation, all of the colleagues are ready to find solutions.” Konbil William Deng

“The thing I find most beautiful about Teknokent is the scene of Sapanca Lake. Especially since I started working in the R&D office of TDG in Teknokent in the summer months, the sunny weather has a different aspect. Since the team is young and dynamic, we try to do everything together, even though we work on separate projects. We go to the cafeteria together and take our lunch break. This way, I come to work more motivated and can work more efficiently. Because when the environment is good, it is more pleasant. In this way, we can improve ourselves as a team.” Nuray Çilingir

“Every day, I focus on the project I work on and how I can improve myself. We have a good harmony with my teammates. I do not understand how time passes. We also strengthen the connection between us by having meetings outside of work.” Berkay Akbulut

“Since we have a close age group, it is enjoyable both as entertainment and sharing in the working environment. Together, we enjoy discovering new information, researching, joking and having fun when appropriate. Since sharing is in question within the office, everyone is ready to provide their knowledge at any time. We play table tennis and volleyball occasionally. Since we are in the greenery of the campus, we take short walks during the lunch break to enjoy nature. We play word games to practice a new foreign language that we have determined together and make fun of. In general, I can say that our office environment has become a family environment. Together we discover the fun and happiness of working.” Mükremin Gökduman

“It’s been a little over two years since I started working here. New friendships, even best friends. Like a part of a home. If you spend one-fourth of your day working in the office, it is a home, family, life for you… But most importantly, I am in love with my job. Being a part of this family is truly amazing. My favorite thing here is to take my coffee and go up to the roof of the building and watch the balmy lake view of SAPANCA.” Duygu Bayram

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TDG R&D Team 2021
TDG R&D Team 2021

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