TDG Global’s Visit on Los Angeles, CA, September 18th ,2017

Los Angeles, California, USA downtown cityscape.

On September 18th and 19th, we – myself and Didem Sarac, Vice President of TDG- visited Los Angeles regions.

After 13 hours of flight from Istanbul on September 17th, we arrived at the city of Los Angeles. Next day we started B2B meetings at the Sheraton Grand Hotel on September 18th.

Batur Erdoğan and Didem Sarac is in B2B Meetings

In this day, large number of participant is adversely affected due to the traffic jam which is the result of overturning of a big truck on the main highway on the day of B2B meetings. This reminds me why we need the healthy technological development since human beings produce cars (or any products) without thinking the future operational status. And continue to produce and consume… Life Economy is underlined once again.

On second day, our first stop is the World Trade

With Turkish Consul General Mrs. Gulru Gezer and others…

Center of Los Angeles. In LA region, 224 languages spoken, with over 100 consulates, with the largest US ports, 88 urban areas, 10.2 million inhabitants,10th largest economy in the world (2,4trillion USD GDP. LA has hundreds of production facilities. And it begun to undertake the Silicon Valley production and migrate to San Diego region is a major point of interest. It is an important reference that an investor, from San Diego, says that we are very valuable and that they absolutely want to cooperate us.

Batur Erdogan, at WTCLA in Citigroup Building

In WTCLA, we met Mr. Stephen Cheung, VP of World Trade Center Los Angeles. He gave very important information about Los Angeles and stated that TDG could help in many topics after our presentation.

The economic data of LA district will surprise you.



Moment from World Trade Center, Los Angeles

You can watch the presentation of Mr. Stephen Cheung from the link below;



Dezso Molnar’s 1st prototype

In the evening of 19th of September, we joined a dinner with Mr. Dezso Molnar who is developing flying car.  As I learned he is launching flying car racing nowadays worldwide. It was interesting talk…



Would we have to invest flying car? What You think…

My Best Wishes

Batur Erdogan