The best of TDG in 2019

TDG Foundations

Dear TDGers,

Big deals, breakthroughs and a look at how you might get along in a world with TDG innovations. Explore our most memorable stories from 2019…

  • We made our clients agile
  • We opened new GDC (Global Delivery Center)
  • We launched new AI Lab
  • We released Ethical Guidelines of AI
  • We trained our employees and partners for Sustainable World
  • We trained young entrepreneurs
  • We sponsored Bursa Talks and SAU Talks
  • We launched new “Resilience Solution” for corporate
  • We started new “IoT Integration Services”
  • We underlined “Diversity Policy of TDG”, and got many supporting messages
  • We started “SAP Integrations” in Europe
  • Ecosh (our AI tool) gave it’s 1st interview about 2020 and beyond

Besides these; We see that the information economy is coming to end. We know that a concept called “Life Economy” -which will fill this place- is beginning to take shape. Life is in the center of everything now. The economy is being designed accordingly. Industry, technology, economy and life. We are keeping pace with these integral facts. We also include these ideas in new system.”

So, I  would like to thank you all to support us in 2019. Please continue to share your ideas and comments to make the 2020 great.

My Best Wishes

Batur Erdogan – Global CEO

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