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In the past weeks, we made the first broadcast of our podcast series called Technology Dialogues with TDG.

Our first guest was Mustafa Erol, the founder of Iwrobotx and one of the partners of TDG. We talked about the future of software and industries, their effects on people, the environment, and the industry.

Mustafa Erol graduated from the Karadeniz Technical University in the field of Electric Electronic Engineering in 2015. He completed his post-graduate in Gediz Technical University in the field of Physics. Also, he did an MBA at Harvard Business School.

Can you tell us about Iwrobotx?

Iwrobotx operates in 2 different technology branches; autonomous technologies and cloud-based software solutions.

These solutions are classifying into two as environmentally friendly autonomous technologies and industrial design technologies.

With our autonomous environmental technologies, we have developed the autonomous marine vehicle Doris that cleans the sea.

Doris, a watercraft that recognizes and collects wastes, can prepare a report of the waste data it receives real-timed.

It can also create microplastic or algae maps based on location. Also, it can generate biodiversity maps for different living species and plastic maps of sea surfaces.

On the industrial side, we have different studies on autonomous technologies. We are working to turn some processes into autonomy in factories. We integrate the experience we have gained at Doris on that side as well.

In our cloud-based software solutions, we can determine the person’s location from the cell phone signal. In particular, we can create density maps of users using Wi-Fi signals. We can also generate density maps for interior spaces.

We can provide issues such as employee performance by capturing mobile phone Wi-Fi signals.

Let’s talk about Doris..

Doris is an autonomous level 5 boat with a length of 5 meters, a width of 2.65 meters, a height of 2 meters, and a capacity of collecting approximately one ton of waste.

Autonomous vehicles have levels from one to five. Machines that can perform their task with artificial intelligence technology without human supervision are called Level 5 autonomous.

Tesla is the best known of the Level 5 autonomous. Tesla, with its autonomous level 5 driving capability, can make the decisions that the driver will make on the roads today.

Like Tesla, Doris can make decisions and take maneuvers to move away from the sea, depending on the sea’s state and the obstacles in front of it, with its driving abilities.

When we give the region map and say clean this region, it returns to its station after going to the specified location and performing the cleaning operations.

What technologies does it use?

With image processing, artificial intelligence, and autonomous technologies, Doris can recognize its environment in real-time.

Doris can change its course autonomously when it comes across a sea vehicle. To do this, it uses the artificial intelligence software inside.

Doris also has an artificial intelligence assistant named Cory. “Corydoras” comes from the name of the scavenger fish. Cory can direct Doris through the voice assistant.

Doris can be rented. We previously worked in Yalova and Kadıköy regions. Studies continue with different municipalities. We are in the process of selling with Bahrein abroad, and there is a great demand from the Netherlands for Doris.

We aim to contribute to our municipalities and our country by working in different locations in our country.

Besides Doris, we developed a product called Indoor 5.0. Through the wifi signal, it can detect the whereabouts of that user by receiving the end user’s mobile phone signal.

Therefore, we can provide real-time tracking of where a user is walking around the mall or how many users are in the shopping center.

At the same time, we can also remove the filiation vehicles by giving an ID number. For example, ID number 13 was in close contact with ID number 15 for about 1 minute, as if they had a conversation below 1 meter. We make user data traceable by extracting the radiation tool.

There is also HES code integration. If the user has his / her account code scanned, we can see where they travel and who they contact.

These features are also essential in terms of marketing. We can extract data such as where the users are traveling and what kind of interests they have. In this respect, we have works in different sectors, one of is at Migros.

We can provide real-time data such as in which sections of the market the users are denser, which aisles, and which hours are more intense.

Indoor 5.0 also has an office module that we can provide real-time data such as how many people arrived at the office, how many hours they waited in the office, and who they contacted. Therefore, if there is a patient with covid-19 in the office and retrospective data is requested, we can provide this.

Artificial intelligence, robotic activities are talked about a lot nowadays, and people are very interested in these topics. However, they are also feared. Robots will replace people, some of us will be unemployed. Artificial intelligence is always watching us and, it seems like artificial intelligence will start to rule us soon. What do you think about these?

We can see that innovation is accelerating in all sectors, especially in the covid era. Large companies invest in autonomous technologies and new generation factories. They are trying to take their innovation feet to a much more advanced level by including developing initiatives like us into their companies. Currently, autonomous shipping from port to port is carried out in China. Towards 2025, it is aimed to start commercial activities all over the world. Moreover, Rolls Royce is working on that by 2030, autonomous boats of 140 to 160 meters will now be completely in the sector. That means we will see autonomous technologies at sea in the future. They are also actively used in aviation. There are studies in different locations globally, such as communication with drones, transportation of materials, and using the product as a courier with drones.

If it concerns autonomous ground vehicles, there are currently over five hundred initiatives in China alone. Therefore, there are great opportunities on that side, and technology is advancing exponentially.

Of course, these advances provide great power in the background for the development of artificial intelligence.

Because if we think about marine vehicles, let’s give an example from our industry.

Let’s say there are 10 Doris and, all of them will communicate with each other and do route optimization.

So the software is needed there. The hardware already existed, and now the whole world is trying to turn that hardware into software. All machines will now be able to talk to the internet.

Having such technologies requires technologies such as 5G.

An environment is being prepared where all vehicles and all machines that can provide 5G and 6G technologies on a global scale can be connected to the internet.

These activities are not making to affect people badly, on the contrary, to advance people’s lives further and to increase their learning curves.

There used to be a generation which operating in the same business for twenty years. Now, we are facing a generation that learns and wants to improve themselves more; because artificial intelligence requires this.

In the past, you would have learned a profession and passed it on to the next generation. Now, you learn the profession and transfer it to artificial intelligence.

You no longer have to transfer the profession to someone. It can be done by the machine continuously. It is only necessary to develop it. Therefore, the end of all processes is already leading to artificial intelligence.

I have a very positive view of artificial intelligence. There are great opportunities for future generations as well as for people who want to improve themselves. When these opportunities are taken into consideration, entrepreneurs, companies and public institutions can come to good places.

As a result, old systems are now being replaced by new software solutions.

Therefore, I think that artificial intelligence will make a positive contribution to our lives in the future.


In our country, companies that prioritize technology such as TDG and Iwrobotx, or who do serious studies to add proactive solutions to their lives, who want to increase the learning curve, can be followed by people to contribute to their work and to act together.

I always see these as efforts to move companies involved in proactive solutions to the top.

Therefore, I think companies like us, who shed light on the future, will come to much better positions with the companies in the market with different collaborations. We can also move these companies better places in the market.

I consider the work we do is very important. We have already begun to see its effects in the field. I think it will continue to increase even more.

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