Transform as much as you can manage

Our first target should increase the level of “quality of life” for all people in the world to minimum level so that we can talk about the transformation. Then; the conversion must first focus on achieving this balance.

New age start-up’s, increasing level of technology, replacing manpower with robots, increasing productivity, extending life, getting prepared for future environments outside the world, etc. If we realize many such topics without bringing the quality of life of all people to the minimum level, it will lead to bigger problems and abyss than it is today.

Since the social environments of the virtual world have been used; birth and death days, important events and moments, and many other issues are responded by people by touching the box with the symbols on their smart  machines, they feel that they complete social responsibilities. So; neither a letter, an interview, a visit, touching people, an action nor a common roof and ideal meet!

Also, all these technical developments are used for very good purposes, I think that this situation; is a sign that we can not manage a good transformation well.

Even tough, by explaining my feelings together with this anxiety and anticipation; we must closely follow and respond to the very rapid and positive effects of technological change for humanity.

It began to find solutions to the common problems of positive intervention in human health and in the way of life extension / work, speed and quality / daily life and future of humanity, and much more contribution of technology than expected in the emergence of new education, consumption and lifestyles.

We have to take on the digital transformation, especially when it is written and implemented by the people of our country. We must absolutely transfer the education of the people of the country and the world to higher levels in this process.

While these changes are happened, we should care about; not to open the distance between the people and to avoid separation. As in the answer to the archaeologist, the Mexican elderly guide who rides very fast, heads to the destination and suddenly takes a break; we were so far away from our very souls, we waited for our souls to catch up with us … By the way; someone even sent a car away from the world … J

I wish a world that “people and countries won’t see them other but the same, the transformation shouldn’t change human values, and,   with a world in which they can live with peace, tranquility and loving common sense …


Best wishes,

Emin Direkci

Head of MRT