Paldemic – Why did we involve in “CODER IN ACTION 2020”?

Why did we involve in “CODER IN ACTION 2020”?

As being biomedical and electrical engineering students and living in Covid19 lockdown period, we aimed to develop a solution for personal needs and problems of society in everyday life, especially in pandemic times.

One third of the world population has psychological and mental problems and it is known that it has increased even more during the pandemic. Our vision is to reach more people by developing an application that is easy to access and use, can be downloaded for free, supports people in difficult situations, enables them to socialize, increases their joy, let them to have a sustainable daily activity and productivity. Designing a very special product for individuals’ sensitive needs, we set our priority as individuality, privacy, and openness to continuous improvement.

What is “PALDEMIC”?

Paldemic has 4 platforms:

Paldemic AI / Paldemic Online / Paldemic Personal /Paldemic Emergency

Paldemic AI was the first feature of the application when we started to design and plan the application content. It is a platform which is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its purpose is to support the user when they are in a difficult situation or a bad mood.

Paldemic Online is designed as a platform where specialist in different fields can provide live support to users. Users will have vocal, text and video communication options while connecting with specialist. Services to be provided on this platform may be for a fee depending on the preference of the relevant specialist.

In Paldemic Personal, we have developed a platform that will give users social support in daily life, teach a new hobby, offer activities where they can make use of their free time and enable them to be more planned in their lives.

Paldemic Emergency is the last but the most important feature of Paldemic. It will allow users who are or feel they are in danger to quickly report or call for help. In addition to official institutions and organizations, a certain number of people will be defined by the user in the application, and depending on the situation they are in they will be able to send an emergency signal with location sharing.

Coder in Action 2020” was a challenging competition that made us more ambitious to be successful at. We appreciate Technology Development Group (TDG) for giving us a chance to be part of the program and benefit from their visionary broad perspective. We are very contented to be awarded 2nd place winner which definitely motivate us to have a consistent outlook for our further studies and improve our technological abilities. We highly recommend especially tech students to participate next TDG competition for their benefit.

Erdem Hasanefendioğlu – Eyüp Kerem Korkmaz

About Erdem Hasanefendioğlu

He is a junior student at Yıldız Technical University Biomedical Engineering (English). He is the founding chairman of YTU Medical Technologies Club. He is a member of YTU swimming and water polo teams. At the same time, He  voluntarily takes part at Argüden Governance Academy Digitalization digital social platform team.

About Eyüp Kerem Korkmaz

He is a sophomore student at Yıldız Technical University Electrical Engineering. He is a board member of YTU Medical Technologies Club.

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