My Quarantine

As someone who grew up in a society that is not used to living with the rules, I observed people always tend to forget too much. In 2020, most of us met the concept of quarantine for the first time. Have to wait 2 weeks to see the effects of Corona virus and this showed us how we developed tolerance to quarantine rules. “My Quarantine” is a mobile application that keeps track of the quarantine, keep records of breach reports and scores / reports the quarantine according to these data.


The contact of the user who scored safely in ideal use may seem safe, but of course this is not the goal. I know the difficulty of proposing such a decision without scientific findings. Especially considering that the input of information will depend only on the request of the user. So with a more helpful role;

  • Creating quarantine awareness
  • Keeping a quarantine day record
  • Keeping your breach records
  • Calculating / reporting your quarantina


The design subject is very important to me and I think it is the factor that affects usability the most. So my main goal is to make an interface that does not tire the user. A streamlined and fast interface design that is as simple, beautiful as possible, can message with colors.

Record entry in less than 30 seconds with simple question and answers. (For example, ‘’Have you been in an indoor without mask?”, “Was it longer than 15 minutes?”)

Easy to use output / sharing of reported data outside the application. (Eg pdf, png, jpg)

App structure

Technical details

A cross-platform mobile application is planned using only Flutter. Internet connection is not required. Thanks to Flutter, the design will be easy and fast to make.



Flowchart is drawn according to the pages to be shown in the interface. There are proven design examples of for every page and the elements to show. The original Mockup is made considering the examples.


It is developed with Flutter with reference to the Mockup study. Responsive design is made with reference to Android. Then special release for Iphone devices screen resolutions.

Demo Preview

İbrahim Mert Gül

About İbrahim Mert Gül

He was born in Gaziantep thereafter 2 years later he moved to Kahramanmaraş which is a little town in south Turkey. Until the university he lived there. While studying at high school my physics teacher Emrah Akan makes him love electricity and all about physics.

He started university in 2015 with a pre-class for english course. Pre-class completed with  %87 success, Graduated with 2.73. Worked on 3D Printing, Robotics, Web and hybrid mobile technologies. For now mostly working on Flutter.

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