Coder in Action 2020 WINNER, 65+ Robot – Cloud-based Solution and Robot Assistant

Why do we need this cloud Software solution and robot assistant ?

People cannot adapt to the rapid changes in technology.  Using new technological products turn into a torment for people who are in the elderly class. Speech recognition, the ability of devices to respond to spoken commands. Speech recognition enables hands-free control of various devices and equipment (a particular boon to many disabled persons), provides input to automatic translation, and creates print-ready dictation. Continuous speech programs, such as dictation programs, must be trained to recognize an individual’s speech patterns; training involves the user reading aloud samples of text. Today, with the growing power of personal computers and mobile devices, the accuracy of speech recognition has improved markedly. Error rates have been reduced to about 5 percent in vocabularies containing tens of thousands of words.

We have developed a cloud-based robot assistant for 65+ people. The people who use the robot assistant can give an order, call a doctor etc. The robot assistant connected to cloud services. The robot assistant has a speech recognition technology and it has a cloud AI solution. The robot assistant can manage the orders, call people and make health control. Information of the people using the robot assistant will add to cloud based software solution. Robot assistant ask to the end user  in every each day , how can I help you today? Thus the AI software solution understand the end user situation if he/she is OK or not.

Example 1:

  • Robot Assistant: How can I help you today?
  • End user: Hi , I have a problem today?
  • Robot Assistant:  What is the matter?
  • End user: My stomach hurts
  • Robot Assistant: Would you like to call your doctor?
  • End user: No.
  • Robot Assistant: would you like to call your neighbor?
  • End user: yes.
  • Robot Assistant: calling your neighbor.

Example 2:

  • Robot Assistant: How can I help you today?
  • End user: Hi , I need bread, 1 bottle milk, 6 eggs.
  • Robot Assistant: I am ordering bread, 1 bottle milk, 6 eggs. Do you confirm the order?
  • End user: Yes
  • Robot Assistant: Got the order

End user only uses Robot assistant for everything.  Robot assistant connects to cloud based AI software solution. The AI software solution has many data regarding end users such as call information, orders and health services. AI software solution manages the robot assistant to help end user and send to the cloud every data regarding talks between end user and robot assistant.

AI cloud software solution regarding our service is compatible with Alexa , Siri and Google assistant. So, elderly People will be able to use technology easily.

Mustafa Erol – Feyzullah Yıldız – Abdulselam Arı – Metin Demir – Talha Nişancı

About Mustafa Erol

Mustafa is an electronics engineer. He has 2 masters degree. One of them is metrology in Physics , another is MBA in Harvard Business School. Mustafa has many experiences regarding Cloud-based software solutions. He has been working on cutting edge technology solutions such as; cloud based technology, robotic solutions, autonomous technology.

About Feyzullah Yıldız

Feyzullah is a software engineer. He has 7 years experiences regarding cloud based software solutions. He is a full stack developer.

About Metin Demir

Metin is a  software engineer. He has 4 years experiences regarding cloud based software solutions such as e-commerce and CRM.

About Abdulselam Arı

Abdulselam is a software engineer. He has 15 years experiences regarding cloud based software solutions. He develops mobile applications.

About Talha Nişancı

Talha is a  software engineer. He develops algorithms. He has 3 years experiences regarding database and optimization.

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