This year’s TDG

This year’s TDG

TDG has always believed in the fundamental promise of technology — that when we apply innovation to real-world problems, we drive progress, for both business and society. And as the nature of those problems has changed over time, so too has TDG, repeatedly reinventing itself to overcome whatever obstacles stand in the way of that progress.

Though we’ve introduced many foundational technologies, TDG has never been defined solely by its products or services. Rather, TDG’s most enduring characteristic is our ability to change to deliver value to our clients, while remaining true to the core values that guide us.

Today, we’re doing it again. I’d like to reintroduce you to TDG.

TDG has taken decisive strategic actions to meet the unique needs of this moment, including our acquisition of BrowseEmAll, MultiBrowser and Selenium.Academy in 2020. Our goal is to break down today’s most common barriers to innovation: closed systems, proprietary technologies, untrustworthy AI, and insufficient security. To do this, we have:

  • Refocused our company around two primary sources: technology and business expertise.
  • Reoriented our entire portfolio around the two most transformational technologies: Mobility and Robotics.
  • Reinvigorated our ecosystem to combine the strength of TDG with an expanded network of business partners.

As always, we are committed to our customers’ success, pursuing innovation that counts, and setting standards of trust and responsibility. But TDG is now more strategically focused, more technologically capable, more committed to equity, and sustainability. We are better able to integrate technology and expertise to solve our customers’ problems, whether the solutions come from TDG or our partners.

TDG’s clients own and operate the most mission-critical systems on the planet: social security systems, mobile networks, banks, and many others. These systems are more than just engines of economic growth. They are the systems that support modern society. In making them faster, more productive, and more secure, we don’t just make business work better, we make the world work better. We don’t just drive business value, we drive progress. I believe TDG is uniquely suited to be the catalyst of that progress for decades to come.

This is TDG@2021. I wish you happy new year all @2022.

Batur Erdogan, Chief Executive Officer, TDG Global

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